Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my plans change?

Irish Express is happy to provide a full refund up to 10 days before the event. If you cancel between 10 and 2 days before the event, we will refund you 50%. Beginning Thursday before a game week, we can no longer offer refunds.

However, your bus and tailgate ticket is transferable if you’d like to sell it yourself. Just let us know what the new name is and we’ll take care of it.

Is a game ticket included in the price?

No. We do not provide tickets to the football game. You do not need a ticket to the game to come on the bus, but our tailgate will not be serving food or beverages during the game.

Can kids come?

Yes. Notre Dame Football should be fun for the whole family. For those wishing to consume any alcohol, a formal ID will be required proving that you are 21 years of age.

What time does the buses leave Punch Bowl Social (Chicago)?

We don’t state exact departure times for the buses because they don’t all leave simultaneously. For daytime games, doors at Punch Bowl Social open at 7:00 for breakfast for day games with boarding between 7:45 and 8:00 am.

For night games, we’ll have two departure times: The Morning Wave and The Noon Wave. Punch Bowl Social opens at 9:30 am for those on The early bus and will board at 10:15. For those on the mid-day bus, doors open at 11:30 am (please do not arrive earlier). We board the mid-day bus at 12:15 pm.

Please show up at the time specified on your ticket. We may not have room for you in the bar if you show up early. And if you show up at a later departure time than your ticket states, we will not have a seat for you on the bus as we sell out almost every game.

Do you offer tours of the campus?

Yes. However, if there is not one scheduled for the game you’re attending, we always provide you with a campus map with areas of interest and directions to get around.

Do you have special group booking packages?

If you are part of a larger group with multiple people purchasing tickets, you can add your group name during the check out process. We will do our best to to seat the entire group on the same bus.

Special pricing begins at groups larger than 20. All tickets must all be purchased together in a single transaction.

If you would like to reserve your own bus at a discounted rate, we’ll need to hear from you by the end of July.

Is there a bathroom on the bus?

Yes – All our buses come with restrooms.

Exception: If you want a smaller private bus, it may not have a restroom. However, being a private bus, you can pull over for a rest stop whenever you like. And there are two very convenient travel plazas right off the toll way between South Bend and Chicago.

Beverages Are Included in the Price of a Seat At Breakfast, on the Bus and at the Tailgate